You may have found your way here by accident or by intention, whichever it is………..welcome.

KiwiVagabond is a concept or dream of how I would like to live. I am one of the privileged to have a mortgage and the ties that bind. My other names are Graham Hughes or BlindPoet. I answer to many names, some affectionate, some not.

I dream of being a vagabond, to be totally transcient, travelling New Zealand’s length and breadth seeing the places few people visit or value, to meet people I wouldn’t usually rub shoulders with, or whose shoulders usually never get rubbed.

I dream of doing all this from a bus, that has an inbuilt darkroom, a laptop to write on, and wi fi access to upload. So you can see I am hardly a serious VagaBond. I am a romantic dreamer. My heart is more the vagabond.

The ‘kiwi’ firmly plants me in Aotearoa, New Zealand. People of this land are affectionately labelled ‘kiwis’, they even distinguish themselves in a crowd using this term, quite apart from the accent. There is more to ‘kiwi’ than the brown hairy fruit, with the green center found in supermarkets around the world, which graces the tops of pavalovas and gives you a clean out next morning.

The Highwayman's Horse

On a personal level, I have long sensed a need to write, and some means to process the myriad of thoughts and feelings that flash thru my mind at various speeds as I do life.

I have a need to process these often deep, and to my eye at least ‘seemingly insightful’, thoughts. If I do not write them or record them somehow then I know they are lost. Just like the good ideas you have that you never remember…………..middle of the night thoughts, I have great lines that I can never remember.

Meet Me @ The CornerThese lines come out of the blue while travelling or doing something mundane, words fall together in my head, tumbling together in a way that captures the feeling or the thought………if I can remember those words as I tasted them in my mouth that first time…………later, they can be savoured again.

This blog is my desire to catch those words and thoughts, thoughts about life, about being a Kiwi, the country I live in and the uniqueness of it, and much much more.

Because of my love for photography it will also involve visual.


My aim is predominantly to stay sane by writing and expressing, knowing that maybe there is someone else out there who is as human as I, that is a restless creative spirit, and who like me has a vagabond heart.

Its good to know that you are not the only one gazing at the horizon as the sun sets and the day fades.

I have a conviction that we are all creative, that we all yearn to create in some way. Our maturity and health depends on it, but this mad life knocks & crowds creativity out of our daily existence all to easily.



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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Graham…I came across your blog via Ipernity. I love how you’ve written to me and others in comments…so, I am very happy to find you here as well.

    I have a dream, too, of a vagabond life, which has been pushing at my edges for some time now. I can feel it coming closer…not a matter of if but when. I don’t have a mortgage but there are ties that bind and distractions associated with those ties….but I can feel the hold and pull (on my end as well) slowly loosening. All involve people I love who know my dream and are supportive and cheering me on.

    My dream involves either a small RV or vintage travel trailer (preferable), in which I’ll travel around the US. I’ve seen so little over the years of working and raising a family.
    I want to be set up to do wet plate collodion, as well as have everything I need to develop film and paper on the road.

    Lately my wanderlust and “restless creative spirit” have grown in proportion to various obstacles that have slowed my plan, but the day will come…and this vagabond heart will be on her way 🙂


    • KiwiVagabond says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Wow somebody found me and actually wrote words. 🙂 That makes you special straight away. It sounds like the same kind of dream. While I have heard the words, like everyone else………….at 57 and having been a teacher for nearly 30 of them………I am hearing the words louder, you know the ones….life’s to short to not be doing what you love, or passionate about. It’s not a feeling of being older and less time left………its actually about being more aware of the beauty of life and the world around us, even in the back yard…..and the desire to see it, have time to see it, and then share it with the universe or those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
      I think its great that your friends support you, and your honesty in writing, the knowledge that some of the ties that bind you to where you are that are your own, the ones that are very natural, understandable and human.

      When we can’t do the big thing, on the road, in wide open fields or new towns………I explore my back yard and find such beauty there, the landscapes that are local and oft travelled.

      Yes the RV, the darkroom attached, the internet connection maybe, the space to write………and the eyes to see.

      It sounds to me Stephanie that you are a Hellen Keller kind of person. You see.
      The story goes that someone asked her once what it was like to not be able to see. She responded, what was it like to have eyes but no vision.

      You have vision.

      One of the many things looking thru a lens has done, its helped me to really see I think.

      Please keep me posted Stephanie……….dreamers need to stick together.

      Unfortunately I discovered the vintage caravan idea too late. Wow make a darkroom, tow it places………..but now they are all cool and you pay premium price for them……….but Americas a bigger place, you have supplies at your fingertips.

      Go VagaBond.

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