Winter Blues

The Grden Of Eden

I must confess that the light is really very beautiful at the moment. Absurdly obvious I know, it must have something to do with where the sun is in the sky :-). Yes the days are shorter, and a sense of the earths sleepiness seems to pervade the winter world, but if your eyes are open, and you catch the light, between the trees, or on the hill highlights at the suns falling, it can be nothing less than stunning.
This morning when my body fled the cocoon of night, down the back steps and into the crispy frosty outside air, I fizzed into life and sang with the sun making silver on the grass.
It felt good to be alive!

(started writing this on Tuesday……….I knew it would be good to write that day, and it was) Now it’s Thursday and I will post it. Got some pictures to add………I will do that later.

Busy days………

I am thankful for life.

The Highwayman's Horse

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