A Nice Day @ Gallery259

Down On The Corner
Really lovely day Gallery259 today, including a meeting with The Maungatapere Community Market Dreamers. I spent the day working while some customers browsed and even had a sale…………an image by my friend Bryan Paul….. For me I was shooting paper thru my home made 5 ” Projector Lens Cam, then clicked into still life mode with my Kodak Specialist 3, an old unnamed Petzval and an assortment of fruit and veges….the stars being the 3 aubergines, which sounds like a Simon Cowl group of free radicals. After shooting the paper negs on matt tetanal vario…when they were dry I did some positive prints from them that I am very very pleased with…………but they are hanging drying in the gallery darkroom. A great day…..a sale and lots of shooting. Will share images later….haven’t got scanner access at the moment with friends staying….I will post a cell picture for fun so ya don’t think I am telling porkies…..

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