Gustav Le Gray & Lady Hawarden

I began writing this entry last year (2014)….somehow it got lost…I am posting it because I hate to waste good words. I have walked well down this old school photography road now…and have added some links to help this make some kind of sense.

So back to last year ………….when I began this…

The world in all its meanings is huge isn’t it, as is history, and then within that history, the history of photography. Last week through a set of circumstances, the above names were used in conversations and the inevitable Google search followed. Then followed the inevitable hands reaching thru time and touching me, and leaving me changed as if¬† touched by the divine. Modern time has no monopoly on beauty.


Looking back to the very beginnings of photography and the people who have been part of its development through time and space, is like looking back down a road that stretches behind us and way way away right back to them……..We are also travellers on that road they travelled before us.

I should imagine that there are others like me who research names mentioned in conversation or crossed in reading, and a whole new world of inspiration and wonder opens up.

On Flanders Fields

We can never be exposed to all the main characters in this unfolding photography history, there are always new works, and new people  added, from historical contexts and in our own contemporary contexts. As in any story there are plenty of smaller parts people have played in the plot that contribute massively to the main story. The main characters traditionally get the spotlight and the glory, but in the supporting cast of many characters can often be found that favourite player that impacts us hugely, over and above the superstars.

Gustav Le Gray, Lady Harwarden and Julia Margaret Cameron are such players.

Some Le Gray info here.

Images by Le Gray

I am passionate about shooting paper. Le Gray used paper. Here is a link to an article I wrote that you may find interesting. Article by Graham Hughes aka KiwiVagabond. I have other articles on my Image Collecting here

Lady Hawarden is an interesting story. Beautiful images. Check them out Here

Another and perhaps the 1st woman photographer is inspirational. Julia Margaret Cameron. Images Here

I have loved staring wide mouthed at these images. They have impacted how I collect images now.

Waiting At The Yards





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