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A Nice Day @ Gallery259

Down On The Corner
Really lovely day Gallery259 today, including a meeting with The Maungatapere Community Market Dreamers. I spent the day working while some customers browsed and even had a sale…………an image by my friend Bryan Paul….. For me I was shooting paper thru my home made 5 ” Projector Lens Cam, then clicked into still life mode with my Kodak Specialist 3, an old unnamed Petzval and an assortment of fruit and veges….the stars being the 3 aubergines, which sounds like a Simon Cowl group of free radicals. After shooting the paper negs on matt tetanal vario…when they were dry I did some positive prints from them that I am very very pleased with…………but they are hanging drying in the gallery darkroom. A great day…..a sale and lots of shooting. Will share images later….haven’t got scanner access at the moment with friends staying….I will post a cell picture for fun so ya don’t think I am telling porkies…..

Last Day of Holidays.

When I get to the end of the school holidays, I wonder how I do life and have a full time job.

But today, on this last day of the Jan holidays 2015, I feel okay about it all. I didn’t this morning, nor in fact for the days leading up to this last day. I actually have felt panicky inside……about what I haven’t done, and seriously needed to, and can I go back to work and do it all again. Can I again drag myself beyond my own inadequacies.

No one can get inside your head to know what its like to be you, judgemental people can, people who punctuate their sentences with the word ‘should’ can.


Today I caught up with three of my fav on demand programmes. At 10.30am when the world was doing its thing I was sitting watching a screen………….something happened at the end of those 3 dramas. Something was purged in my soul by those 3 stories, all human, all about love and the worth of humans and family………..the malaise had lifted and I knew I was ready to do stuff. Stuff I hadn’t done in the holidays like haircuts and pay a few bills.

Why have I been paralysed and incompetent………..I don’t really know.

But at the moment it has passed.

Yes I will go back to work with the same old worries and my same old strengths………and I will do it again.

The Whenua & The Gate

Before I go back tomorrow I am going home via the gallery and cut some paper and get out on the road and shoot some paper. I have been wanting to visit the farm next door and drive my car down the races with my darkbox on the back of my boot. There are some fallen down trees, and I can relate to them sometimes…..but even fallen things can be beautiful.

Will share that with you later.

If you haven’t checked out my images, here’s a couple of links.

KiwiVagabond online galleries and latest images.

Gustav Le Gray & Lady Hawarden

I began writing this entry last year (2014)….somehow it got lost…I am posting it because I hate to waste good words. I have walked well down this old school photography road now…and have added some links to help this make some kind of sense.

So back to last year ………….when I began this…

The world in all its meanings is huge isn’t it, as is history, and then within that history, the history of photography. Last week through a set of circumstances, the above names were used in conversations and the inevitable Google search followed. Then followed the inevitable hands reaching thru time and touching me, and leaving me changed as if¬† touched by the divine. Modern time has no monopoly on beauty.


Looking back to the very beginnings of photography and the people who have been part of its development through time and space, is like looking back down a road that stretches behind us and way way away right back to them……..We are also travellers on that road they travelled before us.

I should imagine that there are others like me who research names mentioned in conversation or crossed in reading, and a whole new world of inspiration and wonder opens up.

On Flanders Fields

We can never be exposed to all the main characters in this unfolding photography history, there are always new works, and new people  added, from historical contexts and in our own contemporary contexts. As in any story there are plenty of smaller parts people have played in the plot that contribute massively to the main story. The main characters traditionally get the spotlight and the glory, but in the supporting cast of many characters can often be found that favourite player that impacts us hugely, over and above the superstars.

Gustav Le Gray, Lady Harwarden and Julia Margaret Cameron are such players.

Some Le Gray info here.

Images by Le Gray

I am passionate about shooting paper. Le Gray used paper. Here is a link to an article I wrote that you may find interesting. Article by Graham Hughes aka KiwiVagabond. I have other articles on my Image Collecting here

Lady Hawarden is an interesting story. Beautiful images. Check them out Here

Another and perhaps the 1st woman photographer is inspirational. Julia Margaret Cameron. Images Here

I have loved staring wide mouthed at these images. They have impacted how I collect images now.

Waiting At The Yards





I am back!

It’s really funny when I think about how many times I have said that to myself………….so very many times.

I sit here on the eve, (actually it’s here) the last day of my holidays, before starting the 2015 school year.

I can’t get everything done when I am on holiday never mind fitting it around a job. But still I am grateful to be alive, to have a roof over my head, a partner and family and friends who love me…despite me being me.

I want write more this year…yes I have said it other years……… is something I produced the other day and I would like to share it here. I am looking forward to developing it more….