Monthly Archives: September 2013

America’s Cup Madness.

I must confess that I want the Americas Cup to be over. After today’s race, race 16 and getting into the 16th day of the longest cup challenge ever, I began to wonder if there was any sport in it at all. If the boat that starts on a given side of the course has an advantage, and those that do get that side seem to win……..what kind of race is that. Hopefully we start with the advantage tomorrow.
What I do love is how the kiwis just keep going, sometimes clawing back, sometimes losing ground again………soul destroying stuff but we keep going……….. It makes me proud to be a kiwi.

Oracles backer Larry Ellison is the 5th richest man in the world, and the 3rd in America. NZ has invested in this as a nation, and we do not have the unlimited resources of Larry Ellison. I do wonder what kind of bonuses the crew on Oracle get for winning, a race or the cup defense. I wonder why there is only one American actually on Oracle………and the aftergaurd is heavily kiwi. I do wonder about the conscience of the kiwis who as far as I am concerned are total sellouts who are on the other side, Sir fricken Ben included who are just hired guns………..Coutts and the whole raft of kiwis in tow. I am happy for San Francisco business as this drags on ……………. but enough is enough.

There is no gear breakage, lady luck who seemed to smile on us hasn’t smiled lately.
I do not think we can underestimate the total gutting it was having the race the other day stolen from us by the clock……..a get out of jail card for Oracle, can we please have one now………

I do not think many in NZ will be sleeping well as we wait for the next opportunity to win……….have our hearts in our throats and then walk away to do it all again.
And for the actual team in San Franscisco it must be 1000times worse.

Go well guys………we can do it……..and lady luck smile on us for a change or are you in Larry Ellison’s pocket too.