Monthly Archives: July 2013


You may have found your way here by accident or by intention, whichever it is………..welcome.

KiwiVagabond is more like a concept I would like to live as, than a person who actually lives like a vagabond. My other names are Graham Hughes or BlindPoet. I answer to many names.

Really I would like to be more, way more of a vagabond, to be totally transcient, travelling New Zealand’s length and breadth  seeing the places few people visit or value, to meet people that people don’t usually rub shoulders with.

I would like to do all this from a bus, that has an inbuilt darkroom, and wi fi access. So you can see I am hardly a serious VagaBond. My heart is more the vagabond.

The ‘kiwi’ firmly plants me in Aotearoa, New Zealand. People of this land are affectionately labelled ‘kiwis’, they even distinguish themselves in a crowd using this term. There is more to ‘kiwi’ than the brown hairy fruit, with the green center found in supermarkets around the world, which graces to tops of pavalovas and gives you a clean out.